So, es ist mal wieder so weit. Ich war ja eine Zeit lang nicht da, also gibt es viel aufzuholen. Hier ein kleiner Überblick über das, was in letzter Zeit so veröffentlicht wurde (leider wieder in paar Tapes direkt ausverkauft), sowie ein paar Preorder. Geschmäcker sind verschieden – ich habe hier nichts aufgeführt, was ich für schwierig oder zu experimentell hielt (auch wenn es dafür sicher Fans gibt). Dafür ist es diesmal etwas mehr. Happy Hunting!


It’s Time again. I was vacant for some time, so there is much to catch up. This is a roundup of what has been released in the last 2-3 months (some Tapes are already Sold Out), as well as some preorders. Personal Taste is different with everyone – I listed just Stuff that is not too experimental imho (even tho I know there are also fans of that stuff too). But it is a bit more this time. Happy Hunting.

DREAM Catalogue:
Lilith – (Season_0)Hazard Garden
DJ ALINA – Maniax (<-SICK!)
Yoshimi – Tokyo Restricted Area
Cocainejesus – We’re worried about you
Diamondstein – The Ridges (<-Tip!)
Ruf Dug – Treatment 32

Detroit Underground:
Andrew Red Hand – Inspiring Memories
Alexandra Atnif – Supersymmetry
QEBO – Former Generations of Structure (Sold Out)
Gotshell – Channels 2 (Sold Out)
Lord Rao, Cupp Cave & Hermut Lobby – Woof
HD Substance – Ice ’n‘ Easy (Sold Out)

Sofa Pits – Space Junk
+you / xccg – buranko
Distances – The Fun

Suite 309:
Mukqs / Constellation Botsu – Miracle Hentai

ALIS – Corporeal

Illuminated Paths:
Noisesurfer – Music fpr dead Airports
S/H/A/R/R/P/S – Lap dissolve
MEME Vivaldi – Jupiter palladium Techno Pandemonium
Strange Mountain – Mirroring
Clément Rhéthorie – Blue Songs / Una Vita Difficile / Fake Music for a Real Film
Black Magic Tamarak – Hecate swallows the Sea
Blob – Circles
Pure – Neon Solutions
LENT – Glassware of Dry Leaves

Aloe City:
Riceball -おにぎり
3D Blast – Promise Girl
New Coke / Yung Navi – おっぱいARCADE

Pearl River Sound – Somed Tapes Vol 1
99 Letters – 12 Mirrors
Aiwa – Telepathic Peace Agreement
Graham Danning – Auxon

Bedlam Tapes:
Bonus Fruit – Dissatisfied

Business Casual:
Hantasi – Seisminis
VA – Anniversary 3 (Sold Out)

Millenium Jazz:
MJM Artists – Ruff Graft Revisited
VA – Locations: England
Jazz Jousters – Endurance

Data Airlines:
Paladin Shield – Road to Alchemy
GOTO80 – 0407
Trey Frey – Trés fraise
Makeup & Vanity Set – Wavehymnal
Wojciech Golczewski -Reality Check (<- 3 Editions available)

Islands – Taste/Should I remain here at Sea?

BFE Records:
B.F.E33 -Minimal Man CS
B.F.E37 – Material Electronica VVAA CS

Donky Pitch:
Joseph Peterson – Wishbone
Dressin Red – Kibble Palace (Sold Out)
Mount Bank – Counter Real


LIAB – ii

Egg Paper Factory:
Un Blonde – Good will come to you

Lillerne Tapes:
yyu – Karaoke

WTF is Swag:
Monochips – Computer Beach EP

No Problema Tapes:
Renja – Symphonies of Ignorance

Mountain King:
Mountain King – Feels

Origin People:
Tommy Awards – Sessions II

Leeroy Destroy:
Leeroy Destroy – LD Overdose

What Moon Things:
What Moon Things – Someone who isn’t me

Gertrude Tapes:
Das Torpedoes – Russian Submarine

Gohan Tapes:
Ink Jet – Cold Shoulder

MA C001

Outify – Intercontinental

Yaki_Pony – The Long Walk

Granite Tapes:
Illfigure – Mindful but inactive (<- 2 Editions. Very Limited „Gameboy“ Version)

Fatpibe Records:
Animmac/Beatkvist – Untitled

Bombay Beach:
Bombay Beach – Death Tape

Cachopou – Creating Remixes

Memorex – Tape 2

PERFFF – We’re

Filthy Broke:
Gajah & Chrono Triggers – Imperfect Angels

UFA Palava:
UFA Palava & Indius – Dick ein diggn / Ob sie ne 303 im Rucksack haben?

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