Oddomatik, Oddo The Artist or just plain „Oddo“…whatever you call him, is an artist that was born and raised north of the Caribbean in the country of The Bahamas…starting out at the age of 16 now at 32 years of age (2018) he is still passionate as he’s ever been about his craft!
Heavily influenced by hardcore HipHop and Punk Rock in his early years as a teenager. Music has become his outlet to escape the harsh reality of real life issue. Critics may love him or hate him but one thing that can’t be denied about him is the versatility in his sound. Oddo has the ability to change cadences and delivery the way a chameleon changes to blend in with the background of their environment. This ability combined with his own sound is what allows him to step out of the box of being „just another rapper“.

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Oddo The Artist – Rain Dance [TUMA 2.0 Compilation] (TUMA Kassetten)

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