Excellent Course on How to Improve the Quality of Your Audio (5/5 stars)

by Shaun O’Reilly:

“The quality of the audio in a video has a massive impact on the perceived quality of my courses so I’ve been wanting to improve my audio production skills for a while now. I’ve tried many other ‘improve your audio courses’ before, but they’ve been too long, overly technical and not particularly interesting to watch. NOT this course thankfully…

Instead, Marc’s course on making audio sound better was excellent and the best I’ve found so far. The videos (and audio!) are brilliantly produced, very engaging and they cover all of the basic fundamentals you need to get your audio to sound great… like a radio DJ!

It covers stuff like how to set-up the room, choosing and using a microphone, as well as clearly explaining many technical things like normalization, noise reduction, EQ, compression and reverb.

I’d heard of many of these terms before but didn’t know exactly what most of them meant or how to apply them in my situation. Now I know how to set-up my microphone and environment as well as how to edit the audio afterwards to maximize the sound quality of anything I produce.

It’s clear that Marc is a real expert in the area and he can teach it very well too which is a great combination. If you want to know how to improve the quality of your audio recordings, then I highly recommend this course. It’s the best ‘improve your audio’ course that I’ve found to date.”

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