Chase & Status – ‘Retreat2018’ / ‘Heater’ (Virgin EMI)

Another Chase & Status release on Virgin EMI and I’m sorry so say that I missed that one in September. It’s all about two singles from the Album “RTRN II JUNGLE” namely “Retreat2018” featuring Cutty Ranks and “Heater” featuring General Levy, two of the great voices of Dancehall and Jungle Music.

Both tracks are sweet! Very oldschool, with “Retreat” being more a tune for the ravers and “Heater” more aimed at a Hip Hop-rooted audience, the both would work in ’95 and nowadays alike.

But nevertheless, both will find an immidiate way into my crate! Absolutely recommended to all Junglists and more than worth checking!

Listen to “Heater”:

Written by Selec