Various Artists – ‘Sound Killerz Vol. 2’ (Deep In The Jungle Records)

On the market for about a month, this is a collaboration of Various Artists (namely Sl8r, Kid Mix-A-Lot, Fokus and Jahnglist Bwoy) who present a collection named “Sound Killerz Vol. 2” on Deep In The Jungle Records.

Cold start, I love the “M14 Dub”! Jungle drums, sound scapes I remember from old No U-Turn records, low bassline, this track is oldschool and fresh as hell at the same time!

“Original Selectah” is more the tool type of track, a piece you can use in different occasions. Not my favorite, but only one tune can be! More my cup of tea is “None Shall Escape”, a kinda remix of an old Johnny Clarke record (remember, he was live on my radio show a few years ago), a nice Reggae influenced roller!

My favorite might be the sweet “Jungle Music”! If this was an oldschool tune made 25 years ago, it would be a true anthem today, check out the lyrics!

So, absolute recommended and more than worth checking! It’s a shame it took me 4 weeks to finally listen to it!

Listen, listen!

Written by Selec