SR – ‘Deep Thoughts EP’ (Locked Up Music)

Already released about 2 weeks ago, it is SR with the “Deep Thoughts EP” on Locked Up Music. Locked up is a fresh label you should have a lock on!

When I read “Deep Thoughts”, I immidiately thought of spheric, low tempo breakbeat music with a feeling for the early morning crew. Some of that is true about the release.

“Bad Manners” for instance is a nice percussive track with long, evolving chords and bleeps here an there. Definitely no anthem, but nice “open air in the forest” Jungle, as I call it.

But it does not stay like that. Drum orientated “Silk Road” and even more “Deep Thoughts” almost work with beat variations only, sweetly done! My favorite so far is “On The Level”, which sounds like a True Playaz release taken through the time machine, I love the jump up vibe!

So, quite versatile and more than worth checking if you ask me! Absolutely recommended!

Listen closely:

Written by Selec