Sedo – ‘Run’ / ’99 Style’ (Gyro Records)

Next up, it’s Sedo with “Run” and “99 Style” on a label called Gyro Records.

Two sweet tracks with a very synthetic style, that’s what “Run” and “99 Style” are in short words.

Lots of bleeps and robot like sounds are typical, I can feel the electricity in the hall where they work. Sedo picks up where “Printer Jam” left us a few years ago.

My favorite is “Run”, I like the sound design and the melodics, if one can speak of tones in this context! 😉 Both tracks are nice tools for DJs or a good background soundtrack for your workout!

Insteresting and worth checking! Gyro is a young label and I got my eyes on them, now!

Check it out here:

Written by Selec