Various Artists – ‘Jungle Wars: Episode III – Revenge Of The Bass’ (Deep In The Jungle Records)

This is the 3rd Episode of a Deep In The Jungle Records series. It’s called “Jungle Wars: Episode III – Revenge Of The Bass” and features artists like DJ Hybrid, Epicentre, Kumarachi, Sl8r, Kelvin 373, Euphonique, Veak and Duburban! It was released just a few days ago.

Again, a very diverse compilation with lots of styles and subgenres of Jungle Music! For instance, Kumarachi and Sl8r present a very ambient oldschool track called “Feelings”, Euphonique and Kelvin 373 deliver a more minimalistic tune with Busy Signal Vocals and Veak created a very Reggae-Flavored Amen Banger with “Nuff Respect”.

The most suprising tune and my favorite (at least the first half of it) is the quite dope “Stand up” by Hybrid himself, very drum-driven and using just a few Happy Hardcore chords and a dope bassline! More than worth checking for all junglists and highly recommended!

Listen for yourself:

Written by Selec