Veak – ‘Bangarang EP’ (Deep In The Jungle Records)

Next up: Veak already released the “Bangarang EP” on Deep In The Jungle Records about three weaks ago, but it is still hot!

Apart from the usual Jungle ingredients like Amen-Samples, Reggae and Dancehall Acapella parts, the EP has a noticeable, aggressive undertone.

Listen to “Tune Deh Bad” or “Warning” to hear what I mean… fast breaks, lots of bass movement, the instant feeling of being chased, this all is typical for most tracks.

As I like to take it slow from time to time, my favorite is “Sudden Flight”, maybe the softest track on the EP, but still a banger. If you’re into slightly harder Jungle, this is more than worth checking! Boom!

So, check it out:

Written by Selec