Kayaman – ‘Shadowz EP’ (Back To The Jungle Records)

Next up, it’s Kayaman with the “Shadowz EP”. It was released about two weeks ago on Back To The Jungle Records!

This time, I’d like to start with the tracks I don’t like. In this case, it is “Dirty One”… because there are way too many snares involved. I admit that you get used to it, but every time I play it again, this is too much for my snare level! 😉

But I love the three other tracks included, namely “Diva”, “Runn” and title track “Shadowz”. I like the oldschool feeling and if you overlook that they share a lot of sounds and samples, you will love them too!

So, hard to pick one of them to be a favorite, if I had to, it would be “Diva” right now, but they would work as one long track, too. Absolutely worth checking if you love oldschool Jungle sound! Strongly recommended!

Get an idea here:

Written by Selec