Galvatron – ‘Never Enough EP’ (Deep In The Jungle Records)

Deep In The Jungle Records again, this time it is Galvatron with the “Never Enough EP”, which has been released just a few days ago!

“Never Enough” is very club orientated EP with different flavors. Title track “Never Enough” and “I’m Right Here” use well known vocal samples (“Can’t Get Enough” by Soul Searcher is an evergreen from the 90s) and ravy sounds to create that classic club sound. A similar direction takes “System Test”, probably my favorite on the EP, with the housy stabs!

In contrary, “Water Technique” and “Shack Out” have a Reggae Vibe and lots of “ethnical” influences like flute sounds and lots of guitars. Additionally, we get a VIP version of “No Wicked”, which (the original version) I played four times on air within the last year!

More than worth checking! I like the straight sound design within the tracks combined with the diversity of the whole collection! Well done, thumbs up!

Listen, listen:

Written by Selec