Bill & Ed – ‘Keepin It Gangsta’ (Dutty Bass Audio)

Next on the agenda, making you jump up, Bill & Ed present “Keepin It Gangster” on Dutty Bass Audio.

Unfortunately, this collection of tracks is not my cup of tea at all. Let me tell you why:

Most of the tracks have a strong Jump Up taste. Nothing wrong about that, but in some cases, there’s just too much going on, lots of harmonics and disharmonics, lots of melodic content, lots of lots of things…

Of course, music is always a matter of taste. A track that stayed in my mind was “Take Note”, having a strong Happy Hardcore undertone! My favorite is “God Grape”, which is a bit doper when it comes to arrangement, melodics and sound design! I’ll play that on “Schwarzmarkt”-Radio Show, but I have to tell people this is not a representative track for the EP.

So, if you’re into Jump Up, you HAVE to check out “Keepin It Gangster” for sure! It does not really fit into my crate, but different strokes, different folks!

Make up your own mind here:

Written by Selec