Conrad Subs – ‘Rampin EP’ (Deep In The Jungle Records)

Next up, it’s Conrad Subs with the “Rampin EP”. As one can guess by the cover artwork, it was released on Deep In The Jungle Records about a month ago.

Instead of writing about all tracks included, I’ll get a bit more into detail about three of them.

A quite unusual piece is “Basic Replay”, a very rhythmical tune with lots of short, percussive samples and snippets involved. I can clearly hear the “Bambataa” influences, but it’s less aggressive and more jazzy.

“Spit Shine” has a totally different flavor. More crashing in the drumlines, a short bouncing mid bass sound and many midi notes create a hectic feeling of being chased through the Jungle. I love that!

Still, my favorite so far is “Dubrock”, a oldschool classic tune with a very electronic sound design meeting a laid back dancehall vibe! Boom!

So, absolutely worth checking and highly recommended if you collect tracks with different influences and vibes! “Gemischte Tüte”, as we say in Germany!

Listen to the clips of Mr. Subs here:

Written by Selec