Epicentre – ‘Serial Sound Killa’ / ‘We Done Tun Up’ (Dubsoul Recordings)

After a long break I had to take, the first tracks I’m gonna talk about are “Serial Sound Killa” and “We Done Tun Up” by Epicentre. Both were released on the Dubsoul Recordings label a few weeks ago.

Two nice tracks, very minimalistic without too much noise and great tools for the Jungle DJ, this is what we have here! “Serial Sound Killa” emphasizes the bass while “We Done Tun Up” plays more with the drum patterns, but they have a similar, dark mood.

Both are classically built up and it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. Right now, I’d go for “We Done Tun Up” if I had to, still both are more than playable!

So, if you’re not into the noisy stuff, be sure to check out this release! Absolutely recommended!

Listen to it here:

Written by Selec