Various Artists – ‘The Bridge’ (- / Charity Project)

“Bridging the gap between Bristol’s underground music scene and three exceptional causes, SWU.FM, The Blast and I Give You Give have united to release a charity album of current underground music from Bristol’s finest. 100% of the proceeds will be distributed between ‘Help Bristol’s Homeless’, ‘Mental Health Foundation’ and ‘Médicins Sans Frontières (Doctor’s Without Borders)’.”

Donation link:

Unfortunately, this charity collection of fine tracks missed my attention (thanks to you, email-client-filter-tool) about a month ago, right before Christmas. It features man like Break, Dr Meaker, Sam Binga, GotSome, Dismantle, Phalaeh, Pinch and more, providing lots of good music from lots of genres.

As all proceeds will be used for good causes (like “Ärzte Ohne Grenzen”, but also local foundations in Bristol), I will not name any favorites but like to encourage you to check this out for sure and see if you can dig it plus do something good, even if Xmas is over long time!

Take a quick listen first if you like:

Written by Selec