RMS & Close – ‘Extracts’ / ‘Nuh Ramp’ (Dubsoul Recordings)

Next up, it’s a collabo single featuring RMS & Close. The tracks are title “Extracts” and “Nuh Ramp” and it was released on Dubsoul Recordings on friday!

“Extracts” is a very oldschool track with lots of rave sounds and a great stomping beat connected to percussive patterns. Dope and still paceful, I love that!

What I love even more is the second tune called “Nuh Ramp”! Great drum patterns, minimalistic use of bleeps and atmos, but a deep bass playing all the melodic content! Please, give me more of that!

So, “Nuh Ramp” is my favorite, but the whole release is a great addition to your collection! Dubsoul did it once again! Thumbs up, more than worth checking!

Take a peek:

Written by Selec