Gravit-e – ‘Drunk & Wild EP’ (Dutty Bass Audio)

After a few weeks of absence on this channel I’m back on the track and the first topic will be the “Drunk & Wild EP” by Gravit-e. It has already come out on Dutty Bass Audio two weeks ago!

Three tracks and a remix, that’s what’s included in this package. Title track “Drunk & Wild” is the opener and has a very straigt DnB flavor mixed with on-beat rhythms, which give that tune lots of pace! Feel “in a hurry” at once!

Quite similar is “Highway 35”, which has a bass sound reminding me of old racing games on my C-64. My favorite on this release is “Vintage”, very dope and bear orientated with sax samples and short ravy stabs followed by a deep wobble. Love it!

Last not least, there’s the “DJ Hybrid Remix” of “Drunk & Wild”. Quite what you expect, solid and very playable for all Jungle DJs! The whole EP is absolutely recommended and more than worth checking!

Listen for yourself:

Written by Selec