Culprate – ‘Unity Project Pt 2’ (Open Outlets)

Already released, but still recommended to listen to: It’s Culprate with the “Unity Project Pt 2” which came out on Open Outlets. It’s part 2 of a series that contains collabo tracks ONLY!

Of course, the overall sound is quite ravy, beats hit you hard and every bass has that signature high freq grinding. But one can clearly hear influences of the collabo partners, as the tunes all have their own aftertaste.

My favorite so far is the scratch supported “Gaucho” feat Joe Ford, but I also like the more melodic “Impulse” with Au5 and the more experimental “Pencilina”, a collaboration with Dictate.

So, I you have a heart for grinding, ravy DnB tracks and don’t mind melodics, this is a project you should check out for sure! Nice stuff!

Listen to it here:

Written by Selec