Konz – ‘Take A Break’ EP (Dutty Bass Audio)

Next up, I’d like to talk about Konz and the “Take A Break” EP, which will be released on Dutty Bass Audio!

Konz has a very unusual approach to DnB Music. All tracks on the EP a very minimalistic, on most passages only build on drums and bass with a little atmosphereric sound here and there.

This makes them great tools for club DJs, to connect things or to calm the crowd for a few seconds or cool down the heat. No real anthems or hit tunes included, this collection is still very helpful and a great addition for your toolbox!

My favorite tune is the title track! So, if you like Minimal x DnB or are looking for straight tools, this is more than worth checking! Also recommended for MC and scratching action!

Listen to the music:

Written by Selec