Bill & Ed – ‘Take It To The Source’ EP (Dubsoul Recordings)

Also already in the stores are Bill & Ed with the “Take It To The Source” EP. It was released on Dubsoul Recordings!

“Take It To The Source” is a very Hip Hop influenced EP, containing a lot of samples of known songs, giving them the Jungle rework.

Not all tracks are my personal cup of tea, like the very full “Pay The Rent”, which is driven by a prominent bassline, or the minimalistic “M.D.K.”, which could have used a bit more sounds or variations if you ask me.

But I like “Workin” with its jazzy mood and my favorite would be the title tracks “T.I.T.T.S.”, also a bit dark and noisy, but absolutely playable.

Worth checking, but I would recommend to listen to the tracks before getting them if you are more the oldschool type of Jungle listener. Highly recommended if you’re into something more innovative!

Take a listen here:

Written by Selec