Kartoon – ‘Inna Jungle’ EP (Deep In The Jungle Records)

Booyaka, booyaka! It’s Jungle time again, and again it is the infamous Kartoon with the fresh “Inna Jungle” EP. This piece has been released already 2 weeks ago and is available via Deep In The Jungle Records.

The “Inna Jungle” EP is a straight Jungle music collection with lots of old school flavored tracks, six of them to be precise.

It includes a Dj Hybrid Remix of “Wake And Bake”, a very nice “Terrorist”-style tune called “Reece Piece” plus my favorite, a VIP version of “Soundboy Surrender”, featuring the famous Cutty Ranks “Retreat” sample.

Also on the list is a track called “Big N Bad”, which is more D’n’B-influenced and reminds me of old Ganja Crew recordings! Very nice flashback!

So, absolutely worth checking and recommended to all fans of new, oldschool Jungle sound!


Written by Selec