Various Artists – ‘Northern Roots 01’ (Dubsoul Recordings)

Again, we have a Various Artists track collection, again from Canada, and again it is Drum’n’Bass and Jungle music. This time, the product is called “Northern Roots 01”, it will be released on Dubsoul Recordings and it features artists and producer like RMS, Dcision, Hungry T, Schematic, Sureshock, Miss Fudge, Tyr Kohout, Brockout, Skalyz & The Junk-e, rOhmz, Inscadent, Murcor and Close. I have no info about the release date yet.

Surprisingly, especially for producers we already know, the sound is a bit different from what I would have expected.

Most of the tracks are quite minimalistic tunes, very reduced, still very funky and playful. I would even say the most of them might have been on a compilation on Med School and I would not have thought about it for a second.

Too many tracks involved to talk about each and every single one, but my favorite right now seems to be Murcor with “Want”, quite reduced, yet full of development! But I also like the collabo between RMS and Dcision called “Life On Earth” and lots of the other tracks.

Absolutely recommended and more than worth checking if you like a minimalistic type of sound of DnB! Two thumbs up!

Check out the music:

Written by Selec