Various Artists – ‘Dutty Bass EP Vol. 1’ (Dutty Bass Audio)

Various Artists, in this case man like Too Greezey, Konz, RMS, K Jah, Brockout, Skaylz and The Junk-e, present fresh Jungle Music on the “Dutty Bass EP Vol. 1”, which was released on Dutty Bass Audio from Canada during my holidays a few days ago!

Again, what we have is a versatile EP with lots of different flavours of Jungle! My favorite so far is the very dope “Breathe” from Konz, featuring the well know “Lickwood means rewind…” sample and a quite reduced arrangement with lots of drums and bass.

But no matter if you love it a bit more noisy/ravy when it comes to drums (like in “Coming On Strong”) or very straight with a bit of ambience (check out “The Note” for this), the six tracks have a lot to offer!

Absolutely worth checking for all Junglists! Boom!

Listen to the tracks here:

Written by Selec