Various Artists – ‘The Revival LP’ (Back To The Jungle Records)

Various Artists (too many to name them, but take a look at the cover picture) present their tracks on “The Revival LP”. It is a 25 tune compilation and will be released on Back To The Jungle Records.

It’s not possible to write about each and every track on the compilation, but rest assured that there’s plenty of dope Jungle material included!

The tracks range from quite dark, like “The Dread Technique” by Shinobi, over funky and soulful Jungle (listen to “Tha Funk” by Xian Juan for that) to real classic Jungle tunes like “Junglist Fever” by Sound Shifter, to name but a few.

The LP is not only a great addition for your Jungle collection, it might even be a good start for a new collection for all the youths and the new generation! So, absolutely recommended and more than worth checking! Big!

The release will be in August, but I can’t present you streams yet. Please listen to the “Schwarzmarkt” radio show to get a glimpse at some of the tunes!

Written by Selec