Subcriminal – ‘Roadblock EP’ (Audio Addict Records)

A fresh release on Audio Addict Records will be availabe in 2 weeks! It is Subcriminal with the “Roadblock EP”!

And this EP is a piece of pure Jungle dopeness. All tracks, even the additional DJ Hybrid Remix of “Roadblock”, are limited to the essentials and in no way noisy!

Deep basses, some Reggae vocals, bubbling organ or guitar samples and lots of nicely programmed drums, that’s how I like it!

Of course, if an EP stays dope, it misses anthems, but I don’t mind in this case. Absolutely essential tools for the Junglists, that’s what this is all about. Love it! All thumbs up and strongly recommended!

Unfortunately, no streams yet, sorry about that.

Written by Selec