Epicentre – ‘Run It EP’ (Deep In the Jungle Records)

Next up, Epicentre presents new track collected on the “Run It EP”. It will be released by Deep In the Jungle Records.

Again, a very solid EP with lots of tools for all Jungle DJs. For example, I love the Mobb Deep based “Infamous”, a super dope track for all occasions. R.I.P. Prodigy.

Same thing with the more percussive “Run It Back” and “Lion A Lion”, which use just a few bass sounds, vocal snippets and lots of drumming to create a well defined sound scape!

A lot more can be found, like the dark “Jedi”, and the EP is more than worth checking for all Jungle heads! Two thumbs up, airplay guaranteed!

Sorry, no streams yet…

Written by Selec