Various Artists – ‘Hospital Returns To Let It Roll’ (Hospital Records)

Various Artists present their work on “Hospital Returns To Let It Roll”, a compilation that celebrates the 10th birthday of the famous “Let It Roll” Festival in Prague. Hospital Records released a four-track-EP ahead of the festival featuring Anile, Keeno, Krakota and S.P.Y.

The tracks come from different subgenres of DnB, as expected. “Cave Man Neil” is a quite dope piece of music for all the steppers out there. Anile used just a few sounds and tones to can the dark mood from the cave!

Very melodic is “Empath” by Keeno, which is not my cup of tea, to be honest… S.P.Y shows how to combine chords and dope basslines in “Losin’ Sleep”, which is a new item in my crate for the next radio show now!

My favorite is the smooth “Echolon” by Krakota. Low basses with bleepy melodies and a nicely programmed drum section with a short vocal sample, I love that!

So, worth checking, as the whole compilation will be! Thumbs up for diversity!

Listen to my favorite, “Echolon”, here:

Written by Selec