Shinobi – ‘Triple Hit Combo EP’ (Enter The Jungle Records)

Next up, it’s Shinobi presenting the “Triple Hit Combo EP”. I talked about the original track several months ago already, but back then, it was just a single with no label involved. Now, Enter The Jungle Records releases the tune in two version and a third tune as an EP!

“Triple Hit Combo” and the “VIP Version” of the same tune are still good, even though they sound quite similar. I think some adjustments in terms of arrangement were made. Both are quite dope and have a strong Kung Fu/Wu Tang flavor about them.

What is really new is “Shaolin Monkey Fist”, an oldschool amen roller with well placed bass sounds and lots of Kung Fu samples about one of the most difficult techniques of all! Right now, I like it even better than the title track!

Absolutely recommended! An artist and a label to look out for, more than worth checking! Far east Jungle stuff!

But hear it for yourself:

Written by Selec