DJ Hybrid – ‘Deeper Into The Jungle EP’ (Deep In The Jungle Records)

And it goes on and on… DJ Hybrid is ready to present then next big thing, the “Deeper Into The Jungle EP”, of course on Deep In The Jungle Records.

When I say “the usual”, it’s not meant in any negative way in this case!

The contrary, Deep In The Jungle keeps releasing solid Jungle tunes with oldschool vibe in a modern sound! In this case, three tracks are quite oldschool, whereas “10 Deadly Killers” and the title track “Deeper Into The Jungle” have a rougher attitude with more grind when it comes to sound design.

My favorite is a dope collaboration with Haribo (strange name for us germs ;)), which kills it with a 4/4 beat on 1, 2 and 3… boom tune!

So junglists, get ready to dig this! Recommended and absolutely worth checking!

Sorry, no streams yet.

Written by Selec