Hugh Hardie – ‘Colourspace’ (Hospital Records)

Even though on the scene for some years now, Hugh Hardie presents his debut LP “Colourspace” on Hospital Records.

Of course we get what we expected, with some pleasant surprises!

This is an LP full of soulful DnB, Liquid Funk, but also some rougher tracks! “Camera Obscura”, a collaboration with Maverick Soul, for instance is an ambient Amen monster, “Talk The Talk” featuring Dan Stenzo has a jazzy vibe with a dope bassline and “Viridian” is one of the darkest tracks I heard on a Hospital release for a long time!

Naturally, more cheesy tunes like “Closeness” and “Shades Of Blue” featuring Kimani are also included, but I really like the balance and diversity of this release. Lots of things to hear and discover!

My favorite so far is the very nice vocal track “She Moves”! Absolutely recommended, not only for the Liquid Funk crew! Thumbs up, more than worth checking!

Check out an example track here:

Written by Selec