Fred V & Grafix – ‘Sugar’ (Hospital Records)

Next up, it’s a fresh Fred V & Grafix tune called “Sugar” that will be released on Hospital Records. Spolier alert: This is no Drum’n’Bass anymore.

The track is very, very Pop orientated and might be ready for german prime time radio like 1Live. In other words: It’s not my cup of tea, unfortunately.

Well produced, I like the sound design and arrangement, but it is much to cheesy for my personal taste. I will give it a try on my own radio show, but as the tracks works a lot with vocals and melodic content and less with beats, I fear this will be no release for our rotation.

The positive thing: If someone likes modern Slow Jams with a very techy feeling, this is a good addition for your collection! Strongly recommended to all fans of electric Blues, D’n’B heads should take a listen first!

Sorry, no streams yet!

Written by Selec