S.P.Y – ‘Alone In The Dark: EP1’ (Hospital Records)

A man from Brazil with his lab based in Bristol, Carlos Lima aka S.P.Y is back on the scene with the start of a brand new series. “Alone In The Dark: EP1” will be released on Hospital Records.

Superversatile! But lets get them one by another…

“Keep On Searching”, a nice ambient stomper, and the first track on the agenda. Not the kind of material I will remember, but still a dope track! #2 called “Love Unlimited” is the tune to play for the cheesy massive… very Pop music, but still playable in the right context.

The title track “Alone In The Dark” hit me hard! After an intro of about a minute, it drops with an evolving mid range bass, giving me the Warhead/Shadowboxing feeling. I love it!

“Soldiers” takes us back to the Jungle, a smooth Ragga vocal riding over a dope bass line with junglesque drums! No anthem, but still material that goes straight into the crate!

Last not least “Black Ops” is for the Tech Step fans. Not my cup of tea, but a nice addition.

The title track is my favorite, but all track are absolutely playable. Stongly recommended and more than worth checking! Two thumbs up!

Sorry, no streams yet. ๐Ÿ™

Written by Selec