Lavery – ‘King of the Beats EP’ (Back to The Jungle Records)

Lavery , yet unknown to me, presents the “King of the Beats EP” on Back to The Jungle Records. Booyaka!

A collection of classically sounding Jungle tracks using all essential ingridients for massive tunes, that’s what I hear!

“King Of The Beats”, the title track, has indeed all the breakbeat samples combined, plus lots of sirens! “94 War”‘s breakdown is based on an RnB sample (I’m sure I have the record somewhere), ambient pad chords and again, lots of beats and subby bass sounds!

Quite similar is “Badman nuh test”. My favorite is “Roll out”, I love the jazzy vibe and the Brandy (Monica?) sample, I’m totally down with that!

Of course, the tracks all sound a bit alike, but I like the vibe! Strongly recommended for all Jungle heads!

Sorry, no streams yet!

Written by Selec