Keeno – ‘Music For Orchestra: Drums & Bass EP’ (Med School)

Will Keen aka Keeno moved to Bristol… and one of the results is a fresh EP on Med School. It’s called “Music For Orchestra: Drums & Bass EP” and combines DnB Music with classical scores.

Again, I have strongly mixed feelings about the release. I absolutely dig the idea to mix classical music and bass music, so the concept sounded interesting!

Two tracks sound like what I was afraid of: Listening to “Enigma” and “Fading Fast” I have the feeling that both styles do not blend into each other that well. It sounds more like a remix (which is not bad at all, don’t get me wrong) than like a composition with all elements. Still very nice tracks!

“Shelter From The Storm” totally misses my taste, though well produced, this is to cheesy for me. My favorite and the representive track for the whole concept is “Insomnia Of An Anxious Mind”! It starts out with strings and bells, a little choir and then really connects with the jungle beat and a deep bassline! I. Simply. Love. It!

So, not everything is gold on this EP, but I really like the idea and “Insomnia…”! More than worth checking if you are open minded and recommended!

Sorry, no streams yet! But listen to “Schwarzmarkt” tonight to hear a sample!

Written by Selec