Morgan Heritage feat. Jo Mersa Marley – ‘Light It Up (Dubmatix Blaze Up Remix)’ (CTBC Music Group)

Morgan Heritage teamed up with a grandchild of Bob Marley, namely Jo Mersa Marley, for “Light It up” and release several Remixes created by known and unknown producers from all over the world. Included in this package is the “Dubmatix Blaze Up Remix” and it will come out on CTBC Music Group.

Whereas the original track had a slight dubsteppish flavour (I hear heavy influence from the Skrillex/Damien Marley combination) paired with the usual Rockers sound, the “Dubmatix Blaze Up Remix” has a more Roots-like mood with a Dub influence.

The 4/4 beat and the wobbles keep the original pace, but with less less less aggressivity. Both versions are very playable, although I personally like the original version better.

Still worth checking, especially if you like the dubby mood better than the Dubstep flavour. Recommended for all Dub and Reggae lovers! Cool to be conscious!

Listen to the Dubmatix Remix here:

Written by Selec