Urbandawn – ‘Gothenburg Cluster LP’ (Hospital Records)

News from the clinic: It’s Urbandawn presenting the “Gothenburg Cluster” LP. It will be released on Hospital Records today.

The LP is a mixture of Liquid Funk, more Neuro Funk and some downtempo tracks. “Funk” is a great work to describe the overall vibe, as the dynamics in most tracks are indeed funky!

The range goes from tunes like “Foley Funk” or “Power Scheme”, which are more sound orientated and less melodic, to dope tracks like “Pavlov’s Dog” (I think we heard that one on a compilation before). For fans of uplifting melodic music, “Prime Expansion” would be a good start to get into the album, which has a very nice sound design and lots of details to listen to.

Pop music listeners will go well with “Together Again”, a quite cheesy vocal track, or “Torus Part II”, a completely acoustic recording. All in all, a very versatile LP with lots to offer, which means one should be really open minded to like all tracks alike. I don’t fancy them all, but there’s a lot of good music to find on this work! Thumbs up!

Listen to excerpts here:

Written by Selec