Shapeshifter NZ – ‘Stars’ (Hospital Records)

Next up, Shapeshifter from NZ who present their next album called “Stars”. It will be release on Hospital Records.

As expected, this album is not soo much the next item in the shopping basket of the hardcore Drum’n’Bass heads, but music for the masses.

Most tracks are very melodic, vocal driven tracks containing elements from various electronic genres, but most of it could be played on german daytime radio. It is more pop music than everything else, which is no bad thing, but usually not what I play on my show.

My favorite is “So Long”, the only vocal-free track, quite dope (although also very melodic) with a slight taste of Jungle behind all the notes. Nice album, but not for my own taste. If you are down with pop music AND DnB, this is more than worth checking! Music with lots of good ideas!

Listen to title track “Stars” here:

Written by Selec