Frederic Robinson – ‘Flea Waltz’ (Med School Music)

The next LP is a bit unusual for my blog. It is Frederic Robinson who presents “Flea Waltz” with the help of Lily Juniper. It will be released on Med School Music.

A very nice album with lots of great arrangements and absolutely NO club food, this is what we get here. Nice music, nothing more, but nothing less!

“Night Garden” for example is a *Micro Funk meets classical instruments*-hybrid with lots of soul, yet lots of elements to listen to. Add a little more synth and you have the also very nice “Chirp Tricks”.

Many tracks feature the vocal talents of Lily Juniper, like “Colder”, a sweet downtempo track that has a nice melancholic mood. My favorite so far is the arpeggio-driven “We’ve Been” featuring Kordz, a tune full of nice melodic ups and downs over a classic downtempo breakbeat.

I was a bit dissapointed I did not find any real 3/4th beat on the album ;), but this is still more than recommended if you like to listen to music! Great work, all thumbs up!

Buy the whole album here: Flea Waltz [W/CD] [Vinyl LP] (available on the 4th of November)

Listen to “Breathing” to get an impression:

Written by Selec