Agro feat. Chats MC – ‘Dub Fi Dub’ (Sub-Liminal Recordings)

Next up on the agenda, it is Agro with “Dub Fi Dub” featuring Chats MC. This will be released on a label unknown to me until today called Sub-Liminal Recordings.

Two facts about the track before hearing it: The cover artwork is a photo and it is available for free to download. So my expectations went a little lower.

But I was proven wrong! The track is simple, but a nice, stomping tool for the D’n’B section of your record collection. Nothing to fancy, that is for sure, but still quite dope and absolutely playable!

Is available for free, so check it out! Absolutely recommended if your like “Warhead” and other simple, yet useful tracks from the 90s plus MC samples! Thumbs up!


Written by Selec