Virus Syndicate – ‘Gimme The Mic (June Miller Remix)’ (Midication Recordings)

Manchester’s Virus Syndicate team up with Ram Records’s June Miller for a rework of “Gimme The Mic” (which is about 6 months old), namely the “June Miller Remix”. It was released recently on Midication Recordings.

Boooom! For me as a fan of Hip Hop and Drum’n’Bass music, this is one of the tracks that makes my head nod instantly! Even though the original was dope, the rework by June Miller makes this an even bigger monster! Killer drums, fat basses with lots of low end and the flowing lyrics gave me goosebumps!

More than worth checking and absolutely recommended if you have a Drum’n’Bass/Drumstep/Hardcore Hip Hop background! Monster!

Check it out here:

Written by Selec