Various Artists – ‘The Future Sound Of Canada’ (Hospital Records)

Various Artists are presenting their works on “The Future Sound Of Canada”, which will be released on Hospital Records as part of their “Future Sound of …” series. It includes tracks by Canadian artists like Schematic & Polaris, Gremlinz, Levrige and Stranjah!

What I love about the “FS of …” series is the way the sounds are selected. It’s no so much about style, but the country of origin of every producer is what puts them on the list. The result is in this case a very versatile collection of DnB with very different flavours.

“Gideon” by Stranjah for instance is a very dope roller, minimalistic in terms of production with lots of subtle changes. “The Legend”, a track produced by Leverage, has a very Dub orientated mood with lots of delays and echoes, whereas Schematic’s “Learn From The Past” fulfills all criteria for a nice vocal Liquid tune.

My favorites so far are “Conduit”, a collaboration between Schematic and Polaris, which has a deep, ravy lead sound morphing on top of the rolling drum patterns, and “Tactical Rail” by Gremlinz, a drum monster with lots of action going on around the beat patterns.

Absolutely recommended and more than worth checking!

Listen to all tracks here:

Written by Selec