Rebecca & Fiona – ‘Drugstore Lovin (The Him Remix)’ (Universal Music)

Next up, the swedish girl duo Rebecca & Fiona talks about “Drugstore Lovin”, but in a rework called “The Him Remix” by Amsterdam based producer duo The Him. It will be released on Universal Music.

The track is nicely worked out, but I miss a bit of innovation. It sounds just like many other Pop/Moombahton/VocalSynth productions we hear these days.

Of course, you can integrate this tune into your Major Lazer set at once or use it as a transition between Vocal House and Moombahton. Neverthelesse, I would have liked to hear something spicy or innovative that sets “Drugstore Lovin” above the other, similar tracks.

If you love to play Moombahton-styled Pop music in you club sets, this one is strongly recommended. All others, check it before getting it.

Written by Selec