Various Artists – ‘Ravey Misbehavey EP’ (Audio Addict Records)

Various Artists add up their works for the “Ravey Misbehavey EP”, a release on Audio Addict Records. It includes tracks by man like DJ Hybrid, Samurai Breaks, Kumarachi, Scartip, RMS , Tony Jungle and Habitat.

A super-nice collection of Jungle tunes, no more, no less, that is what this EP offers! Lots of different produces present lots of different styles, and newbies can get a good overlook on what Jungle still has to offer these days.

My favorites so far are “On A Vibe” by Kumarachi and “Deluded District Disc Jockeys” by Scartip, but all tracks are more than playable! Also check out “Wu Jukin” by RMS to get a taste of a slightly different flavor.

Absolutely recommended and more than worth checking, especially for Jungle fans! Killer tunes and lots of variety make this a must-have! Both thumbs up!

To be completely sure, listen for yourself:

Written by Selec