Durrty Goodz – ‘Hungry Belly’ (Tru Thoughts)

Being on my desk for a few weeks and already released last week, Durrty Goodz presents his new Grime work called “Hungry Belly”. It is available on Tru Thoughts.

Durrty Goodz is one of the first Grime artists I ever heard and favored years ago and I was waiting for this release and expected more than we got from his “Not Been Televised” EP earlier the year. I like Mr. Goodz much better on about 140 bpm than on Hip Hop tracks. I can’t tell why, but that is how it is!

All 10 tracks are worth checking, although “Personal”, “We Run The Streets” and especially “Foundation” featuring Sharky Major and Flowdan are my favorites so far. Grime is a young genre, but Durrty Goodz and the producery achieve a quite oldschool sound on the album which I like a lot.

So worth checking for all Grime and Hip Hop heads! Not the best Grime LP in 2016, but easily in the top 5 so far!

Even though it is already out, there are not streams available. Goodz needs to update his soundcloud profile, imho. 😉

Written by Selec