Sticky Joe – ‘Good Day EP’ (K​ingston Express Records)

With the “Good Day EP”, Sticky Joe tried to compile a Roots record with a band sound without having an actual band. It includes tracks by man like Macka B, Horseman, Sr Wilson, Parly B and Cheshire Cat and will be released on a label called K​ingston Express Records.

The EP contains five very nice tracks. Nothing super special, but solid Roots music and useful for radio and club alike.

My favorites are “Fussin n Fightin” featuring Cheshire Cat & Horseman, very positive and full of upliftment, and the Macka B track “Good Day”, which is a the same time the title track.

Absolutely worth checking and recommended if you’re not looking out for instant classics and anthems, but prefer fresh, modern Roots music with a positive message! Thumbs up, this compilation has its place in my radio crate already!

Check out the previews here:

Written by Selec