London Elektricity – ‘Are We There Yet? The Med School Scans’ (Med School Music, MEDIC60)

London Elektricity are back already, but not with a bunch of new tracks, but with “Are We There Yet? The Med School Scans”. This is a collection of remixes by the Med School Team with man like Whiney, Anile, Etherwood, S.P.Y., Keeno, Bop and many more getting their hands on the original! The 15 track LP will be released on Med School Music.

As expected, the varity of different styles is massive. Of course, the usual suspects deliver more or less funky tracks with a bit of pop appeal, but there are also lots of unusual patterns and sounds present.

A very nice example is the “That Thing You Did (Kimyan Law Remix)”, a bell composition following tricky beat programming, or the Rawtekk version of “Telefunken Lizard Filter”, which combines the original notes with the distorted Rawtekk signature sound.

My favorite so far is the “Seven Days To Live (Fred Rob Remix)”, very laid back with lots of sounds to discover! A collection absolutely worth checking, very versatile and maybe even better than the original. Thumbs up!

Listen to my fav here:

Written by Selec