Gappy Ranks – ‘Guide Me’ (VPAL Music)

Gappy Ranks presents his 4th studio album called “Guide Me”, which will be released on VPAL Music.

Most of the tracks are Roots/Reggae tracks. Very modern, filled with consciousness and clever lyrics plus melodies that stay in your mind for some time!

My favorite is still “Picture On The Wall”, but “Notorious” and also the smooth title track called “Guide Me” are not far behind. Of course, sometimes I would wish for a bit more pace and less singing, however I still like the album as it is!

Absolutely recommended for all Reggae fans, no hardcore here, but Roots and Conciousness. If you like Gappy’s usual style and voice, this is more than worth checking!

No streams, but an advert which includes some of the tracks:

Written by Selec