​Dubamine – ‘String Up The Sound’ (Dub-Stuy Records)

California-based producer ​Dubamine presents his first vinyl release (after a few digital only works) called “String Up The Sound” on Dub-Stuy Records.

The EP consists of four sweet, bass heavy Dub and Reggae tunes. It features artists like Blackout JA, Brother Culture and Carlton Livingston plus a 4/4 driven instrumental track called “Murda Style”.

Very nice music, I have to admit. My favorite is “Nicodemus”, I love the bassline and the brass on this one, but I could say the same about “Good Morning Jamaica”!

Although California is not known for it’s Dub producers, this is an EP more than worth checking! Two thumbs up for Dubamine! Love it!

Listen to this teaser to make up your own mind:

Written by Selec