Durrty Goodz – ‘Not Been Televised EP’ (Tru Thoughts)

Hear dis!, Hip Hop // R'n'B

Durrty Goodz presents the “Not Been Televised” EP on his new home Tru Thoughts.

I’ve known Durrty Goodz especially for his Grime tracks some years ago, like the “Axiom EP”. “Not Been Televised” is different, as it is a pure Hip Hop release with lots if 90s appeal. Simple instrumentals leave lots of space for his lines and even if I like him better as a Grime or Jungle MC, I start getting used to it.

The instrumental mostly consist of a sample and phat beat, with little changes from verse to chorus, just like it should be to give the vocalist lots of room on the stage. Works like a charme, as Mr. Goodz has lots of different flows and also some thoughtful things to say.

My favorites are “Reflection” featuring label mate TY and “Coronation” with it’s funky organ melody. This is more than worth checking and UK Hip Hop is still big on the map!

Sorry, no streams yet.

Written by Selec