Anchorsong – ‘Ceremony’ (Tru Thoughts)

“Ceremony” is the third single taken from the “Ceremonial” LP. Both are works by London-based and Japanese-born producer Anchorsong and are released on Tru Thoughts. The single includes “Ceremony” and “Kajo” plus remixes and a Remix of “Oriental Suite”!

The tracks have a broad musical range, from the DnB version of “Kajo” by “Madcap” over chilled, almost deep house to the very percussive “Oriental Suite” in the “sUb_modU Remix” version. All are a mixture of acoustic instruments accompanied by electronical soundscapes (like the 303) and lots of mallets and other percussive sounds.

I like it not as much as the latest pieces of Werkha, still this is very (and I mean very!) nice music and more than worth checking, especially if you like to kick back an relax! It’s hard to name a favorite, right now I like the “Madcap Remix” of “Kajo” best.

Recommended, music lovers look out for it!

Sorry, no streams yet!

Written by Selec